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Fantasy  Golf & Online Golf Sports Book has teamed up with DraftKings to offer our users cash in on DraftKings "The Game within the Game" by playing in weekly DraftKings Fantasy Golf Contests for a chance to compete in up to $4 million in prizes. Where legally available, our guests can bet on their favorite player to win the big tournament with DraftKings Sports Book. With Fantasy Golf and Golf Sportsbook, your favorite PGA player wont be the only one taking home the big purse this weekend.

Why Draftkings


 DraftKings is the worlds leading Sports Fantasy Site.

9 Million

Over 9M Registered Users.

$6.2 Billion +

Paid out across all sports. 

20K +

20k+ public contests daily.

Top selection of fantasy golf contents. 

How to Play DraftKings Fantasy Golf
  • Create on online account with DraftKings

  • Choose from selection of golf contests for the week.

  • Select 6 golfers from the available selection, staying within the $50,000 salary cap

    • Golfer salary cap value changes each week​

    • Visit our Strategy and Resource page for help in picking players based on key stats and recent performance

  • Rack up points based on your selected players play​ for the tournament

Scoring in DraftKings Fantasy Golf
  • You and your player earn points based on each hole of play. 

  • You earn point when your selected players:(scoring page)

    • Eagle, Birdie, Par,  go on Streaks (no not that kind, but for 3 birdies or better in a row; bogey free round; all rounds under 70 strokes; and bonus for Hole in Ones.

    • Final Tournament Finishing Position

  • You lose points when your selected players:

    • Bogey, double bogey or worse​

Fantasy Golf Strategy
  • Choose players that you expect to make the final weekend cut.

    • Points based on each players hole play and final finishing position, so if they don't make the weekend cut you may not make the cut either.

    • Check stats on how may events your players have entered this years and how many times they made the cut. Click here for latest cut stats.

  • Choose players that have historically played well at the specific Tournament/Course.

    • Some players perform better in some courses then others. Help filter your picks by seeing how your player has done previously in the event/course.

    • Click here to see how you players have fared at this weekends tournament/course over the last 5 years.

  • Choose players that you expect to be in the hunt for the win and Top 10 Finish.

    • Check to see what the odd makers pick as the favorites. Check latest tournament lines here

    • Click here to see who sits among the top of Top 10 Finishers Leaderboard for the season. Check here

  • Select from players who can rack up points for you with eagles, birdies and pars.

    • Check ​how your players fare on the Par-Breakers Leaderboard. Click here.

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